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I arrived home Sunday night to.. well we’ll call it a photo shoot. I do a lot of these things, photo shoots, promotional events, hosting etc., and this one was a little different.

This was at home, on the landing, with a bedside lamp & a camera phone  🙂 (Well, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!)

Since joining the project, he has been…well.. obsessed & over come with creative juices and is completely revamping things. (Side note: this has been quite effective in promoting the band!) Since I am the one closest to him, and I happen to be a model (of sorts,) he uses me to help in his endeavor. While these things have been directly related to the band, it has been fun to be the power couple creatively that we have spent years developing. With his band smarts, my hot friends, and our promotional creativity- we could probably rule the world.

Funny thing is though, while I like the attention in my life (Surprise Surprise,) I like that he gets the attention in his life. I’m not so sure we should be combining the two.

I don’t want to be the Yoko to his Lennon and while its better, I don’t want to be the Gwen Stefani to his Gavin. How often do these entertainment power couples really work out?

  • Lucy & Ricky- Nope
  • Marilyn & Kennedy- (we’ll let that one go)
  • Yoko & Lennon- say goodbye to the band
  • Brangelina.. well they aren’t even married & they broke up his marriage
  • Diana & Charles- That ended before it really ended
  • Gwen & Gavin- Brief success regarding their breakup before we lost No Doubt
  • JLo& Ben- Resulted in Marc Anthony… nuff said.



When I conceived this project, I did so with an anonymity that would permit full disclosure. Of course the purpose of my ramblings are to provide you with a chuckle amidst your everyday routine, however, I also want to be honest about everyday work of being a band aide. With that said, not every post will be fluffy bunnies, rainbows, and blueberries- I also promised to share the run-ins and the loneliness.

Given the fact that the perfect person doesn’t exist, it is simlple logic to say that the perfect relationship does not exist either.

While I’ve urged the message that being a band aide takes a certain kind of person, being the person dating the band aide (aka the band member,) also takes a special person.

Band aides are independent, we are friendly boisterous personalities, we are pretty 🙂 and we are often left alone in bars.

Ergo… boys in bars will talk to me, they will hit on me, and I will be bored so I will strike up a conversation (*Disclaimer: I always make a point of letting them know I’m a bandaide!*)

While this is happening, your bandboy has no choice but to watch, and there is nothing they can do about it. No matter the level of trust, or the number of times the same situation has gone down- eventually  it will strike a nerve.

But what do you do? Who is right? Is a Bandaide supposed to sit and be lonely and avoid contact with others? Is the bandboy supposed to feel nothing that time and time again his bandaide is approached by others,and others get to engage in time with your bandaide that you cannot?

Sitting by yourself is lonely- whether  you are the bandaide, or the band member. You are both sitting alone and it is important to remember this. You both must remember to discuss how you are feeling, and remember to be respectful of one another. Very easily tempers can fly, words can be exchaged, and this will increase with each drink you’re served (occupational hazard of Bandaides and bandmembers alike!)

Acknowledging you’re lonely sitting at the end of the bar listening to a set for the 78th time is important.

However, acknowledging how lonely you’d be without your band member for every day he’s not playing- is far greater.

Back in my first post I mentioned the gross misuse of pick-up lines by men in bars today. My prime example happened about 6 to 8 months ago and has never been outdone through my years in bars. I was sitting in a corner (minding my own business) when I accidently locked eyes with a young man across the bar. I noticed him moving towards me and pretending to be involved on my phone and with my tall beer. He walks over and says,

I just have to ask you, where did you get those beautiful Green eyes?

What’s the problem you ask? My eyes are BLUE.. very very BLUE!!  We are not just talking baby blue or ice grey blue, crystal ocean BLUE they are.  Some people have said, maybe he was colored blind- then why chooose a line about color?!

While this is the most famous utterance I have yet heard there have been many others:

How beautiful I am

How they would never leave me alone at the bar

Can they buy me a drink

Which guy in the band am I dating

Boooorrrrrriiiinnnngggg! (not that if they were any good I would go, but gimme a break!) Do you know how Drumboy won me over? By saying HI! Introducting himself, and sharing conversation over a drink (which if I recall I bought my own- he didn’t try to buy me on the first try.) Really all I’m trying to say guys is- just be normal! Strike up a genuine conversation, and if you find out I’m dating someone, don’t put them down as a means to get on my good side!

And whatever you do- don’t listen to any of these guides!