The Coug- not just talkin bout Mellencamp!

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

So in my original posting I mention how we are often alone at the bar, checking out the scenery and learning to pace our people watching. What can I say, sometimes we aren’t alone and sometimes you can’t help but over indulge in people watching!

I’m out with a fellow Bandaide, we are in a different part of town where it’s not unusual to see the Happy-hour goers spill over into the later parts of the evening. They end up in a bar with people in the generations below them, after their bed time and usually once they’ve had too much to drink. Don’t worry- this is entertaining for us. It’s even better when its the cover band playing classic rock and we get to bring everyone back to the days of their youth. You know, their singing that little ditty about Jack & Diane, or perhaps they’ll grab the closest female and start singing Browned Eyed Girl.. even though her eyes are green or blue..

One of my favorite species is … the Cougar.

I’m developing a theory about Cougars who are out on a Friday night watching coverbands- They are groupies who never got to live out their groupie fantasies. Wannabe Groupies if you will.

These women are reminiscent of ‘that girl’ that I spoke of earlier, flipping her hair, wearing misgenerated clothing and laughing a little too loud at everyone’s jokes. But she’s not quite that over the top- and this isn’t her normal routine.

I couldn’t help but notice the searing eyes in my direction when I walked into the bar during the bands break. I gave the man a hug and mingled with the band and Bandaide’s alike. I figured maybe this lady just had a little too much to drink and I was overreacting about the eye daggers. Then my fellow Bandaide (whom I appreciate dearly-) told me this lady went on and on about liking drummers….

ahhh.. I get the eye daggers now.. I was just waiting for the claws.

But of course she was harmless, once The Man made it clear by latching onto my back pocket that he was not on the market. We later witnessed said Cougar go for a Cub- dancing and making out with a kid who was probably young enough to be her son.. quite disturbing but I’m not one to hate the playa….

Moving on from Cougars, there was a plethora of visual entertainment young and old alike dancing along cheers-ing with every guitar solo, singing along to Drama Rama, and general drunken fun. But as I also mentioned earlier, these people choose to spend their hard-earned money to watch the band play when they could be anywhere.

My favorite in particular was the man I’m pretty sure was a former stripper- he was also using his drink as a prop. He’d drop it low, put his glass on the ground and frame it like it was vogue. While we tried to stay out of the way it was nearly impossible. He’d go left so I’d go far right- next thing I knew he was there like Houdini. There was really nothing I could do about it and who was I stop him from getting his groove on in his Tommy Bahama shirt, khaki shorts and sandals.

I could have drank water that whole night and had plenty of entertainment and ability to cut loose. Never underestimate the ability to just sit back and people watch!


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