Worry’s for another day, Let the Music Play- Down at Fraggle Rock!

Posted: April 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

So last weekend I took my 3 year old nephew to see HOP! Just in time for Easter 🙂

For anyone that hasn’t seen HOP yet, it is a story about the Easter Bunny, but of course one particular aspect stood out to me. E.B. is quite the avid and aspiring drummer in the movie-

Who knew?! The Easter Bunny a Drummer!

This got me to thinking about how music plays such a big part in the movies.

Moreover, how animated characters often take on the parts of musicians and shape our view of music as children.

While children today listen to the likes of the Wiggles, there was once a time where music & animation went hand in hand.. and it was actually pretty cool.

Let’s take a journey back through our childhood and those beloved characters-

I want to start with one of my all-time favorites Alvin & the Chipmunks! Someone decided that children would love to watch 3 chipmunks (for all sake & purposes- rodents,) in shirts who could sing?! And you know what- they were RIGHT! Their crazy antics and soulful lessons made it almost seem normal to want to see a rock concert featuring rodents.

Then there were the California Raisins! I mean really, singing humiliated grapes- but again, it worked!! I actually owned a California Raisins record (yes record,) and my brother had sheets featuring their shriveled little selves.

Charlie Brown had that loveable little pianist- Schroeder!!  And you didn’t think I would forget Jem did you?! Fraggle Rock knew how to bring down the house, and even Care Bears used to jam from time to time.

It is amazing to see how someone we watched so regularly as a child really has a lifelong impact on how we view arts and music. The ManFriend goes back to playing some regular gigs pretty soon, so I’ll have some better life lessons from the girl at the end of the bar. For now, go show a kid some of the golden days of animated rockstars!


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